Vault: Trust is the Key: Jennifer Paylor [reads] “Leadership and Self-Deception”

Episode Summary

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Jennifer Paylor reading from Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute and discussing the significance of humility in our lives.

If you can imagine a painter, musician or dancer, then you can probably bring to mind where they do their work. A place to explore, create and make …but how is that relevant to those of us in the world of organizations and corporations? Today’s guest, Jennifer Paylor, calls herself an artist and it’s not only because she sings and writes. She is an engineer and the current Head of Learning & Development, Talent and Culture at Capgemini in North America. She believes that the work she does here is considered art, because she utilises her skills to create a harmonious environment, blurring the lines between Art and Science.

Jennifer reads from ‘Leadership and Self-Deception’ by The Arbinger Institute. [Reading begins at 10:29]

You’ll also hear us talk about:

  • Being ‘in the box.’ [14:04]
  • Staying present to humanity in difficult conversations. [20:24]
  • “People talk in symptoms. There is a need somewhere, even if they don’t articulate it.” [21:21]
  • Culture hacking. [21:55]
  • Building influence in new organisations. [24:39]
  • Intellectual humility. [26:36]
  • “Trust is the key to human growth.” [30:58]